Barokes New Slim Bottle Wines Awarded Major Medals

Barokes new aluminium slim bottle wines have achieved extraordinary success

Barokes new aluminum slim bottle wines have achieved extraordinary success at the 2014 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition with a total of 17 medals awarded to Barokes this week.

These include two Trophies (Gold Medals) awarded to Barokes Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz for best wine with Peking Duck and Lovers Wine Bubbly White Wine for Best Wine with Chicken Tikka. Additionally, seven Silver and eight Bronze medals were awarded to Lovers Wine and Barokes Premium wines in slim bottle cans. These are a combination of wine and food matching awards awarded to the nine wines submitted to this competition by Barokes.

With all the benefits of an aluminum can, these slim bottle can wines have the appearance and premium feel previously only conveyed by conventional glass wine bottles. Although Barokes have achieved global accolades and approximately 400 medals from international wine competitions for its canned wines in the past decade, it is very pleasing that our new slim bottle wines are also being recognized for their quality by the wine industry.

To date Barokes has released its Barokes brand with five exceptional wines, including still Chardonnay and Cabernet Shiraz and Bubbly Chardonnay, Cabernet Shiraz and Rosé and its Lovers Wine range which includes a Still Red and Bubbly White, Rosé and Moscato wines in this slim bottle can format.

The most recent addition to Barokes slim bottle range has been the Lovers Wine Bubbly Moscato which was launched in September 2014. This delightful wine has received very positive feedback from global markets and will be featured as a Christmas promotion in 7-Eleven Hong Kong in December. The Silver (wine) medal and a Bronze (food matching) medal awarded to this Bubbly Moscato
at Hong Kong Competition is clear confirmation of the quality of this superb wine which is already taking global markets by storm.

Barokes’ slim bottle can wines are produced to its globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system which allows wine to be canned with quality, product integrity, stability and longevity. Globally recognized as the foundation for quality wine in a can/ bottle can production, Vinsafe has allowed Barokes to create and develop the wine in a can category on a global basis and is recognized as the pioneer in this category.

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