Barokes innovative Vinsafe wine packaging technology is the recognized global leader in its field. Barokes is the only company in the world to have international patents for its wine in a can (Vinsafe) technology. Patents covering 41 countries have been granted, including Australia, Japan, Korea and China, to name a few.

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Barokes are the creators and owners of the innovative and globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system which safely allows the sealing of wine in a can to achieve premium quality, product integrity, stability and longevity (up to 5 years to date).

With global patents granted to date, this process has been achieved through decades of research and development and is supported by intellectual property. Vinsafe is the wine in a can seal of quality and its depiction (Vinsafe logo) is placed on every can to assure consumers are aware of this patented process and the quality control and confidence Vinsafe brings to wine in a can.

The Vinsafe technology is recognised globally as the leading wine in a can packaging system. Vinsafe is the platform that supports and powers the global wine in a can category and is the only internationally recognised and proven system of delivering quality wine in a can. Vinsafe represents a researched and proven method for the packaging of wine in aluminium cans/can bottles.


This recognition is largely underpinned by the success of the Barokes’ products with unquestionable quality having received over 300 medals to date at well respected international wine competitions. This level of success clearly confirms the premium quality of the Barokes range of wines and clearly positions the Vinsafe technology as the leading wine in a can packaging system, placing Barokes at the forefront of wine in a can global market development.

Vinsafe is the only wine in a can packaging system backed and endorsed by Masters of Wine and incorporates three vital elements to successfully deliver wine in a can including: wine construction, can and can lining and filling specifications.

The canned wine category is one that is quickly growing on a global basis and one that offers significant opportunities to wine producers looking to reach a younger generation through new markets and market sectors.